Within the project “Campaign of political incidence at the international level for the protection of human rights defenders from Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras”, presented by PBI Catalunya and financed by the Provincial Deputation of Barcelona (DIBA), the journalists Xavier Sulé and Marta Saiz are publishing a series of articles resulting from extensive conversations with human rights defenders accompanied by PBI in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras. Sulé and Saiz are journalists with a long experience working with human rights defenders, always trying to link the social complaint with the concrete stories of specific people.

In the case of Honduras, these articles have collected the history of women defenders such as Lilian Borja and Rosa Santamaría, members of the National Union of Rural Workers (CNTC) and in struggle for the defense of the territory; o Esdra Sosa, woman defender of the rights of the LGTBIQ+ community in Honduras and deputy director of the Arcoiris Association. Despite the risks, Sosa hopes "to see a change one day for LGBT people."

Published articles


The opinions offered in the reports do not necessarily coincide with those of PBI or those of the Provincial Deputation of Barcelona