¿What are PBI country groups doing?

The work of PBI’s 14 country and associated groups in Europe, the Americas and Australia is integral to the effectiveness of our protection of human rights defenders in Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Kenya, Mexico and Nepal.

  • Find, prepare and support field volunteers
  • Build support networks to prevent or respond to threats against human rights defenders
  • Fundraise for their own work and that of projects
  • Raise the profile of human rights defenders and PBI through publications and public events
  • Participate in wider peace and human rights forums
  • Advocate for national and international human rights protection
  • coordinate speaker tours for representatives of human rights defenders that we accompany

Get involved with a local country group

Many countries do not have an official PBI country group but have small networks of individuals that may be able to help. If you are interested in starting a local group please contact PBI's International Office.