Do you want to become a field volunteer with the PBI Honduras team?

The July 2019 call for training/selection for volunteers for the field team of the Honduras project of Peace Brigades International (PBI) has already closed. In March/April of 2020 we will open a new call whose calendar will be announced in due course.

By mandate of the organization, we must apply in each of our projects what we call "the norm of our own country". This norm specifies that "no national person can work on the project in their own country, neither as an observer / volunteer person, nor as a member of the Committee or the Project Office". In this way, the field team is made up of international people. If you have Honduran citizenship and you are interesting in become a field volunteer with PBI Honduras, see the calls for other field projects. In addition, you can check the website to learn more about the work of Peace Brigades International (PBI).

We appreciate your interest and we encourage you to continue working in the defense of human rights defenders.

For more information, please contact