Do you want to become a field volunteer with the PBI Honduras team?

The Honduras project of Peace Brigades International is looking for field volunteers to join the team in Honduras.

The next training week will be held in Valladolid (Spain) in September 2020.


How you can apply?

To begin the formation and selection process you must comply with the requirements listed below, complete the general application and request that two references ( from the NGO sector, academic field, work experience, or acquaintances in your life) complete the reference form and send the document to before April 15th, 2020.

What are the requirements to become a field volunteer?

  • Personal reflection about what motivates you to work with PBI in Honduras
  • Previous experience working in a human rights NGO, cooperation, grassroots or community based organization.
  • Commitment to at least 12 months of field work
  • Commitment to work following the principles of nonviolence, non interference and non partisanship.
  • Availability to work in a horizontal structure where decisions are made through consensus.
  • Experience working and living in groups especially in stressful situations.
  • Computer skills: usage of databases, work processors, and email.
  • Availability to participate in the formation and selection process

We also value

  • Knowledge of the Honduran reality and history
  • Knowledge in the area of human rights
  • Ability to conduct political analysis 
  • Experience in advocacy with authorities, campaigns, communications, negotiation, etc. 
  • Experience in research and information management.
  • Experience using consensus decision making
  • Experience of working in a part of PBI, such as a national group in your country or where you reside.
  • Minimum age of 25 years old (look below to find the note about our policies around age discrimination)

Due to the characteristics of this work, it is important to take into account that those that to form part of the field team it is necessary have the ability to adapt to diverse contexts defined by the political and social context of the country and the mandate and principles of PBI in Honduras; the ability to communicate and interact positively with other people: and a high level of self reflection and self recognition that allow for strategies to manage stress.

Important dates in the formation and selection process

  • Application y references: March 1st - April 15th
  • Interviews: May 1st – 22nd
  • Online training: May 29th - August 21st
  • In-person formation: September 6th – 12nd

If you join the PBI Honduras team, we offer you

  • A process of specialized formation, based on more than 30 years of experience developing methodologies of international accompaniment.
  • We cover the following costs: round trio ticket to Honduras, accommodation and medical insurance. Economic support of approximately $220 USD per month for personal costs and repatriation once you have finished your contract
  • The experience of living and working with a group of volunteers in an international human rights organization.

How can you start?

  • Review the documentation available on the internet about the work of the field volunteers and the formation processes
  • Contact the Formation Team of PBI Honduras and let them know you are interested or send your application before the deadline to:
  • Ask your two references to complete the reference form, taking into account your professional and personal qualifications and ask that they send the reference form to the Formation team ( before the deadline. 
  • Contact your national PBI group, if one exists where you live, and if possible, attend one of their activities.
  • Reviewing your application, it is possible you will be asked to participate in an interview with the formation team.
  • If you continue the process after the interview, you will begin a self training process based on readings and the realization of formation activities that will then be reviewed.
  • The final stage of the selection process is the participation in an in person training week. The decision surrounding your selection will be taken at the end of the training week. 
  • The incorporation into the team does not take place immediately after the formation week. For this reason, we ask that all candidates remain educated surrounding the current situation in Honduras until the moment of incorporation into the team
  • When you arrive in Honduras as a new volunteer, you will participate in a two week long training. This way the formation and selection process continues in Honduras and ends with an evaluation after two months in the field team.
  • At any point during the process PBI can decide about the eligibility of the candidate to participate in the team of international human rights observers in Honduras.

PBI Policies surrounding age discrimination in the field projects
Age is not a restriction to work in the field projects. However, there is a need to count with volunteers that are mature and responsible because the organization needs to be able to present a professional image during interactions with high ranking authorities in countries where there are field projects. The maturity is also highly valued because the volunteers should be able to evaluate in the responsible manner risk and security situations in areas of crisis or conflict. For these reasons, normally the volunteers are over 25.

PBI policy on the nationality of the members of the projects in the field
By mandate of the organization, we have to apply in each of our projects what we call "the country's own standard". This rule specifies that "no national person can work on the project of his own country, neither as an observer/volunteer, nor as a member of the Committee or the Project Office."

The purpose of this standard is to establish a clear distinction between the volunteers or members of the PBI-Honduras Project and the organizations and accompanying people. The norm also seeks to ensure that local pressures do not affect the independence of PBI-Honduras.

If you are interested in the work of Peace Brigades International (PBI), we encourage you to check the website, where you can obtain information on existing projects in other countries where your help may be welcome.

We thank you for your interest and we encourage you to continue working in the defense of human rights defenders.

For more information, please contact 

Thank you for your interest. 
PBI Honduras